Does the Jewish General Hospital Foundation have a major problem?

YES! And you can help to solve it, BUT only if you speak up!

Why does the Jewish General Hospital Foundation insist on spending as much as 40% of what it raises in the Ride to Conquer Cancer/Weekend to End Womens’ Cancers, but not at the same time use events such as Le Tour de l’Ile de Montreal, Marathon de Montreal, Canadian Ski Marathon (and thousands of others) where their costs would be only 2% (credit card fees) of what is raised?

The current President of the JGHF is Myer Bick. As long as he has been with the JGHF, he has never responded to any phone message, email or fax that I left/sent for/to him! :)

The purpose of this blog is to have you encourage the exceedingly closed minded Jewish General Hospital Foundation, to adopt a fundraising concept that raises $$ more efficiently than the JGHF currently does, AND at a much lower cost!

Here is the concept for use by hospitals:

Can you think of any reason(s) why the JGHF should not employ the concept?

If you would like to see the JGHF, and many other charities become more efficient, please forward this blog to other concerned individuals that you know/put out on Facebook/Twitter, and at the same time please encourage Larry Sidel, the JGHF’s Executive Vice-President, to adopt. His email is: 

Please ask Larry for the rationale that the JGHF has for not adopting the concept. Remember; the cost in $$/time for the JGHF to piggyback on events such as those mentioned above is ZERO. Unfortunately, most charities are  not  as open minded as one would hope. I do hope that  the JGHF will come to the realization very quickly, that having an open mind does not mean that their brain will fall out! :)


Here are 2 exceedingly short videos (interview) as I demonstrated in Cote St. Luc for the purpose of bringing attention to a sad situation that exists at the Jewish General Hospital Foundation:

Please see the video at the bottom of this post.

If you would like to see the Jewish General Hospital Foundation, and other worthy causes raise more funds, and do so more efficiently, please forward this blog!

I am a volunteer fund-raiser. My ideas bring in far, far more to charities every year, than the Jewish General Hospital Foundation (JGHF) raises. Twenty-three years ago I first asked the JGHF to adopt a now, extremely successful, fund-raising concept. They advised that they would adopt but never did. When the current President took the reins, I attempted to contact him on several occasions. I was  ignored. Interestingly enough, 90% of the numerous major US charities that I approached with the concept thanked me, while 90% of the charities that I approached in Canada, ignored me! Canadians do not rush to accept innovation

The idea went on to raise over $1.4 billion for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society alone, and the idea is now very widespread in the US.

The JGHF should be inviting Montrealers to run, cycle, x-c country ski, etc. in existing essentially non-fund-raising mass participation athletic events like Le Tour de l’Ile de Montreal, Marathon de Montreal, Canadian Ski Marathon, etc., etc. and raise funds directly for whatever each one chooses to raise funds for at the JGH.


It would cost the JGHF next to nothing to do this. Each and every area of the hospital stands to benefit. Volunteers could raise $100 or even $1 million each (as have some well connected individuals in events that adopted my concepts).

The Ride to Conquer Cancer and the Weekend to End Women’s Cancers cost the JGHF 40% (according to a cyclist/fundraiser) of what is raised in ordet to stage the events. My idea would cost 3.9% or less!!! What is the JGHF waiting for?

Numerous overtures made to the JGHF have been ignored.

Does the JGHF have a problem, a not invented here, attitude? Are they closed minded, or slightly stubborn? Likely equal parts of all three. :)

There is no logical reason for any charity NOT to adopt the concept, as it happens to employ the single most efficient and successful fund-raising approach known. This past year, $12 million was raised in the Ride to Conquer Cancer, and the Walk to End Women’s Cancer. My concept only costs a fraction of what those events cost.*

If you do not voice your opinion, the JGHF will never know, and of what use is democracy? Most people talk about the weather, but far too few do anything about it. Are you a talker or a doer?  (There is the poll above to the right and feel free to vote after contacting the JGHF.)

The only thing necessary for stupidity to prevail, is for intelligent people to remain quiet.

I have nothing against Myer Bick, President and CEO of the Jewish General Hospital Foundation except for the fact that in the years that he has been at the helm of the JGHF that he not once acknowledged anything that I sent to him. He does a great job on a tiny budget. :) The only thing is that I am a volunteer, with no budget, and I cause far more funds to be raised than the JGH Foundation, so I really think that the JGHF should listen. Do you agree?

Thank you very much for your assistance in increasing charitable giving!

Five years ago when the H1N1 vaccine was in scarce supply, the top 200 donors received the vaccine BEFORE those deemed at greater risk. The following article describes that as “nepotism”! How many people died as a result of the “nepotism”? :


Murray Levine
Philanthropic Athletes Foundation

“Let them call me rebel, and welcome; I feel no concern from it. For I should suffer the misery of devils, were I to make a whore of my soul.” Thomas Paine

* I am not suggesting that those events be done away with. I am simply saying that events that cost next to nothing should be used as well. It is better to spend $$$ to raise $12 million than to spend $0 and raise $0